Another publishing house?

Yes, another one. As graphic designers, we feel the need to break out of the known patterns of our daily doing. UNPUBLISHED is a publication series dedicated to research and reflect upon the framework and practice of our profession: What kind of designer do we want to be? What do we create? Why are we acting the way we do in this visual context? After more than six years of studying, we are still confronted with these questions on a daily basis. UNPUBLISHED serves as a tool for exploration, clustering of thoughts and shaping opinions—we are not only acting as designers but as authors, editors and publishers.

We—that is Lisa Reckeweg and Charly Bönner, two graphic designers currently studying in the Master's programme at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. We believe that it can enrich the practice of every graphic designer to address these question and to take a stand. We also want to use UNPUBLISHED to give a starting point to others—triggering discourse around important questions in our art and design practice. we know that there are many young creators at the beginning of their careers who are dealing with the same questions regarding their own identity as designers. We are also convinced that these are questions that will continue to concern us even after years of practice.

Every two weeks we release a new issue on a different topic. We understand each single edition as a bootleg compilation of texts, conversations and thoughts that are open to be developed. We do not aim to be complete or encompassing, rather we want to draw a quick image of ideas to trigger discourse and thinking in ourselves and others that are facing the same questions.

All issues released so far can be found here—order them to get a physical copy or read them online on this website. More about our thoughts and process behind each issue on our blog.

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